Monday, June 29, 2009

Photographer Throwdown!

My pal Lana, a fellow photographer, (check her out over at Cease Fire Studios ) contacted me last week about doing a daily photography challenge.

Basically we take turns coming up with a theme, then we each take a photo that represents our spin or interpretation of the theme.

I like this idea because as someone who photographs people primarily, sometimes I loose touch with photographing inanimate objects.

The challenge starts today, Monday, and will go through the end of the week. Be sure to stop by mine and Lana's blogs and let us know who you think captured it best!

Oh yeah, bring it Lana, bring it!!!

Monday: Color My World!

Photographer Smackdown: Monday

*edited to add Tuesday's theme*
'Round The House

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  1. oh that's awesome, I love it! Course I'm a yarnie too, only I JUST crochet and that's just mainly scarves LOL (cuz I'm too lazy).

    What's Tuesday's challenge??