Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Make Cute Babies

The other morning, Bean, Bug and I were out coloring chalk on the front porch. A quick aside, coloring with the chalk has quickly become one of their favorite activities, which makes me happy, I like that they're being creative and I like that they are a fan of 'front porch sittin'.

A real smile

He loves the sidewalk chalk

She always looks at me so suspiciously!

(and I apologize for the watermarking, but it angers me when I see my pictures all around the internet)


  1. You've got some real sweeties!

  2. I want a pic of that first one of beanie boy,
    so him, so adorable.
    Love the shawls, I didn't see those.
    I like your new diggs.
    Finally figure out you have to click on the little button about accepting the policies stuff-gee whiz. Now I can post some of my pics too.

  3. Not only that, but they're wonderful kids, too.

    A much greater achievement.

  4. wow. Thanks for that. awesome compliment.