Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wait, He's How Old?!

This morning, freshly 5.

Today, my little Conner-Bean turns 5 years old. I can remember his birth like it was yesterday. Starting last night around 11pm, I would pause, look at the clock and remember where I was 5 years go that minute. From when my contractions started, to things started to get down to business. Then when I awoke this morning, thinking that in just a few hours, I would privately and quietly celebrate his birth minute.

Conner's birth changed me in several ways, many I won't get into on here. He is truly a blessing, and I can honestly say he brings joy to everyone he meets (although Miss Lilli Bug might argue that point if given a chance). He is smart, caring, sensitive-oh so sensitive, helpful and kind. He takes after me very much in that if he thinks he has harmed you or caused you grief, he can't rest until he feels he's made up for it.

I won't lie, I was nervous for his and Adam's relationship when he was born. Adam had always made it very clear he was not interested in children, not his not anyone's and wouldn't change his mind for a long, long time. Adam was in basic training for the IANG at Fort Benning, GA when Conner was born, and wouldn't get to see him in person until Conner was 3 months old. I was terrified this would further wear away any chance at a bond for them. Adam and I weren't married when Conner was born, engaged yes, but he didn't really have to hang around.

Then when Conner got sick, oh gosh, it's so strange to think about because it's like I remember it so vividly but then it seems it's not possible we weren't in the NICU for over 3 weeks. Since Adam was at basic training, our only form of realtime communication was through the Red Cross and whenever he was given 5 minutes phone time. It was so hard to process what was going on with Conner's health and then to try and let Adam know in such chopped up chunks of communication, well, it just sucked.

Nevertheless, Conner survived that and has been amazing every day since.

Conner's 4th year of life brought us to Pre-kindergarten,
freaking out during the windstorm,
Adam leaving for 5 months with the military.

Barack Obama getting elected president

Visiting Adam at Fort Leonard Wood
Camping over Mother's Day
Welcoming Newman into our family

Here are a few other shots of Mr. Bean during his 4th year of life.


Rained on!
After getting caught in the rain walking home from La Rositas!

Big Swimming!
Swimming big!

He loves the sidewalk chalk
Coloring with sidewalk chalk

Happy Easter!

Mr. Bean with the horses

Mom, Mr. Bean and Miss Bug
Visiting Midway and the Marsh's

Elsie loves Conner!
Conner LOVES his cousin, Elsie Gray

Looking for the perfect tree
Getting our Christmas Tree

shark jaws!!
We went to the Newport Aquarium on Christmas Eve!

Conner bean and Lilli Bug
Aunt Rae-Rae got married!


Conner talks to dad
Talking to Dad while he was away with the military

waiting for the hayride

Pumpkin picking right before Adam left.

Happy Birthday Monkey!
Exactly one year ago. Happy 4th Birthday Conner!

Happy birthday Conner, I love you, and like I told you last year and the year before that and so on, you are one thing I will never, ever regret.

Conner's 4th birthday
Conner's 2nd birthday
Conner's 1st birthday

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello, Newman.

Well, we did it. We took the plunge and got another weimaraner. We applied to the Louisville Weimaraner Rescue and last Sunday they came out to the house to do our 'home visit'. I guess to make sure they wouldn't be sending a dog to a meth lab or whatever.

Anyway, Denise with the LWR came out last Sunday and told us about Newman. He's an 11 month old weim who was surrendured because his owner went to jail! Eeeek.

So we talked to Newman's foster mom on Sunday and made plans to come visit on Tuesday. We took the whole fam-dam-ily and made the trek to Lawrenceburg, In. Gracee hopped out of the car and checked Newman out. She went back over to the car to get in and lay back down so we took that as her vote of approval. Newman ran around and licked both the kids and wagged his tail. We were smitten.

He has a handsome, strong, boxy weimaraner face and looks just like Gandee, our first weim.
He carries around this brown blanket and he'll wad it up into a ball and take a corner and nurse on it, while kneading it with his paws just like a cat! So cute.

He's gonna be a BIGGIE, he already weighs 85 lbs.

Please leave us a comment and say hello to Newman!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photographer Throwdown. Day 3. "This is What Life Looks Like"

Day 3 of the Photographer Smackdown with my girl Lana. Her pick for today was "This is What Life Looks Like"

She and I went two totally different ways with this one, which I think totally makes these types of things so much fun.

This image shows one of the top comforting bible verses. A friend sent it to me a few weeks ago and wow did it jump out. I've gotten it written down and a copy in my wallet, a copy on my nightstand and the email starred. This is encouragement, this is comfort, This is life.

My pick for today's theme is "In The Thick Of It"