Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello, Newman.

Well, we did it. We took the plunge and got another weimaraner. We applied to the Louisville Weimaraner Rescue and last Sunday they came out to the house to do our 'home visit'. I guess to make sure they wouldn't be sending a dog to a meth lab or whatever.

Anyway, Denise with the LWR came out last Sunday and told us about Newman. He's an 11 month old weim who was surrendured because his owner went to jail! Eeeek.

So we talked to Newman's foster mom on Sunday and made plans to come visit on Tuesday. We took the whole fam-dam-ily and made the trek to Lawrenceburg, In. Gracee hopped out of the car and checked Newman out. She went back over to the car to get in and lay back down so we took that as her vote of approval. Newman ran around and licked both the kids and wagged his tail. We were smitten.

He has a handsome, strong, boxy weimaraner face and looks just like Gandee, our first weim.
He carries around this brown blanket and he'll wad it up into a ball and take a corner and nurse on it, while kneading it with his paws just like a cat! So cute.

He's gonna be a BIGGIE, he already weighs 85 lbs.

Please leave us a comment and say hello to Newman!


  1. Welcome to Newman. Wonder what he and Arwen will make of each other. But he knew who to kiss so he's a smart guy.



  3. I love your blog title picture with the sparkles. That's cool!