Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photographer Throwdown. Day 3. "This is What Life Looks Like"

Day 3 of the Photographer Smackdown with my girl Lana. Her pick for today was "This is What Life Looks Like"

She and I went two totally different ways with this one, which I think totally makes these types of things so much fun.

This image shows one of the top comforting bible verses. A friend sent it to me a few weeks ago and wow did it jump out. I've gotten it written down and a copy in my wallet, a copy on my nightstand and the email starred. This is encouragement, this is comfort, This is life.

My pick for today's theme is "In The Thick Of It"


  1. That's a beautiful verse Courtney! How different our interpretations were.

    In the thick of it. Why do I immediately think of my THIGHS? lol

  2. i LOOOOOVE that verse. I lived by that for years and years.
    My two new favs: Psalm 33:5 and 1 Peter 3:3-4

    -one of Lana's clients who has been following the smackdown, Amy