Friday, September 25, 2009

Lilli Turns 3

My baby is no more a baby. Three years old just seems so definitive. Like, I absolutely cannot consider her a BABY anymore. Lilli's turning three coupled with Conner turning 5 this year, wow, my heart is just breaking.

This last year was kind of a blur, with Adam being gone for half of it with the military.

For Lilli's birthday last year, we celebrated with a tea-party birthday and she jumped in with both feet.
A success

Just a few days later we sent to the pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins with Dad before he had to leave, since we were there so early in the year, they still had apples!

my sweet bug.

Dad and Lilli in the orchard

We spent Grandparent's Day with my Grandma making cookies.
my grandma and bug on grandparents day.

grandparents day (16).jpg

When we carved the pumpkins, Lilli wasn't all that happy with the guts part...
Not happy with the guts.

Yay Halloween!!

Enjoying the fall weather with her brother!
in the back yard.

When Dad was home for 2 weeks around Christmas, we made sugar cookies!
stamping the cookies.

At the Christmas Tree Farm!
Bug and Dad

Celebrating Christmas Eve at the Aquarium!
dad and lilli feeding the birds

Merry Christmas!
Lilli on Christmas morning

We celebrated Aunt Rae Rae getting married!

Playing in the backyard on a WARM January day.
There she goes

Visiting Dad in Ft. Leonard Wood, MI

Family at Ft. Leonard Wood

Tea Party!
little cups

my babies

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Pretty Miss Bug on St. Patrick's Day

Visiting Midway with the Marsh family!
push 'em up!

Happy Easter!

First French Braid
Lilli's French Braid

Enjoying the sun.

Princess Lilli
Princess Lilli

Lilli's S'more

Conner and Lilli fishing

Paying tribute to MJ ;-)

Miss Bug Got to Drive

Helping with the garden

Playing at the petting zoo
'Don't bite my tinger!'

Happy Birthday my Chicken Noodle, I can't believe you're three! Always remember, you and your brother are two of the things in my life I KNOW I did right, and I will never, ever regret. I love you, Bugg!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Down she goes!
Down She Goes!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Giants in the Faith

For the last 3 years Interfaith has teamed up with local sponsors to honor those who inspire others around them when it comes to faith and religion.

I nominated my grandmother as a Giant in the Faith this year. The celebration included a dinner and ceremony honoring each of the nominees at Hubers. Not only was it great to honor my grandma, but our whole family was there and we had fun playing and walking around afterwards. Of course the first 10 minutes were insanely chaotic and flat out horrible as Conner was stung 4 times under his arm by a hornet! Praise God he's not allergic!

(I won't share my nomination letter 'cause that's nonayobusiness) but needless to say both she and my late grandpa set huge examples for me in their relationship with each other, their family and their church. Not only did I learn from them things that work, but I also saw things that might not be the best decision sprinkled here or there. I realize how grateful I am in the fact that I have such a fabulous relationship with my grandmother, and know my kids get to be part of that too.

My Giant in Faith

walking with Opa

Gymnast Conner

'Don't bite my tinger!'

My dad


My sister



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look What We Grew!

Mmmmm to me, nothing smells better than the smell of tomato plants, and I love the way my hands smell after messing around and picking the (literal) fruits of our labor. It just represents everything awesome that summer should be.

Last year was a first for me, I harvested my very own tomato seeds, and grew my tomato plants from seed this year. I was so nervous and just positive it wasn't going to work, but holy crap! It did! Really well actually!

The tomatoes that we grew this year from seed are:
Small yellow Galinas and Black Cherry Tomatoes. (I think, I got the seeds from some delicious tomatoes we got at the farmers market last year, so I'm not quite sure)

Here's some pictures of our harvest!

Straight out of the garden!
Freshly picked!

Newman, Mom and Lilli feet!

Lilli and the haul!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Project 2,996. Remembering Alex Braginsky

I first heard about Project 2996 via twitter. I signed up immediately. Unbelievably it will be 8 years since 9/11 this year. I, like many others I am sure, remember it as though it was yesterday. What I was wearing, where I was standing.

The goal of Project 2996 is simple, to remember and focus on those that were mercilessly taken from their lives on that day. A blogger signed up and was assigned a victim to learn about, remember and share.

I received Mr. Alex Braginsky, he was only 38 years old when he was taken from his family. Alex's mother, Nelly, has set up a website to remember him. It's got some great stories and images of Alex with his family.

Alex was born in the USSR and then immigrated with his family to Queens, NY in the late 1970's. He was successful in school as well as his personal life, having many friends.

He graduated high school and college with Honors. He was dedicated to public service and quickly developed a passion for cooking.

Alex's mother funded a park in Haifa and started a local scholarship in his name.

Alex also has a street named for him in New York.

To Alex, and your mother Nelly, I am praying for you both this day as well as for everyone else that was/is affected by this horrible tragedy and will continue to do so into the future. May you find some peace this day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conner's 5!

(Ok Ok, I know Conner turned 5 well over a month ago and his party was that long ago too, and I don't have any real excuses for it taking so long! I'm a bad blogger!)

We've taken to having the kiddos birthday parties in the fellowship hall of our church, there's no mess to clean up before the party, nothing the kids can really break and plenty of room for them to run around and be silly. Plus, this year we had the Bubble Bus come and it's kinda hard to find a place to park it when you live downtown!













birthday portrait