Friday, September 18, 2009

Giants in the Faith

For the last 3 years Interfaith has teamed up with local sponsors to honor those who inspire others around them when it comes to faith and religion.

I nominated my grandmother as a Giant in the Faith this year. The celebration included a dinner and ceremony honoring each of the nominees at Hubers. Not only was it great to honor my grandma, but our whole family was there and we had fun playing and walking around afterwards. Of course the first 10 minutes were insanely chaotic and flat out horrible as Conner was stung 4 times under his arm by a hornet! Praise God he's not allergic!

(I won't share my nomination letter 'cause that's nonayobusiness) but needless to say both she and my late grandpa set huge examples for me in their relationship with each other, their family and their church. Not only did I learn from them things that work, but I also saw things that might not be the best decision sprinkled here or there. I realize how grateful I am in the fact that I have such a fabulous relationship with my grandmother, and know my kids get to be part of that too.

My Giant in Faith

walking with Opa

Gymnast Conner

'Don't bite my tinger!'

My dad


My sister



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  1. What a nice story. And that picture of Bugg (that's what you call her on here right?) with the goat is the cutest thing ever.