Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look What We Grew!

Mmmmm to me, nothing smells better than the smell of tomato plants, and I love the way my hands smell after messing around and picking the (literal) fruits of our labor. It just represents everything awesome that summer should be.

Last year was a first for me, I harvested my very own tomato seeds, and grew my tomato plants from seed this year. I was so nervous and just positive it wasn't going to work, but holy crap! It did! Really well actually!

The tomatoes that we grew this year from seed are:
Small yellow Galinas and Black Cherry Tomatoes. (I think, I got the seeds from some delicious tomatoes we got at the farmers market last year, so I'm not quite sure)

Here's some pictures of our harvest!

Straight out of the garden!
Freshly picked!

Newman, Mom and Lilli feet!

Lilli and the haul!

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