Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Beach

Back in June, the kiddos and I went to Florida with my sister, Kayla, my mom and my grandma. All questions in sanity aside, we had a great time. The weather was perfect (well for doing nothing but hanging on the beach and in the pool) and the condo was right on the beach.
Not much else to say since we really did spend most of our time on the beach and in the water, so here are some fabulous pictures!

Grandma, Bugg and I flew down instead of driving. (my GAD means that if I had driven down with the rest, I would have killed us all)

The first day we were there, jelly fish were all over the place. They were the non-stinging ones, Moon Jellyfish. They kind of looked like breast implants. The lifeguard told us the wind was bringing them in.

Miss Bugs first time to the ocean, she loved it!

Early one morning, Miss Bug and I got up and went looking for sea shells. We didn't find much, but it was nice to be out so early while the tide was out and the beach was empty.

Dinner one night. Yes, that is my sister in the back. Yes we're full sisters. She apparently got all the Native American genes from my mom. I got all the pale German and Dutch ones. Shut up.

As we were on the way to dinner one night, we drove past the sign for the Drive-In Church. Since we were going to be down there on Sunday, I told whoever wanted to go, that I was going to church on Sunday if anyone wanted to go with. So Grandma and I loaded all the kiddos into the car and off we went! It was just like a drive in too. When you came in the gate, they gave you a bulletin and little cups with communion. In the main building (where the preacher stood on the 2nd floor balcony and gave his sermon) there was a Sunday School class for the kids. Not only was it a pretty cool experience, but this church denomination also happened to be Disciples of Christ, which is the church that my family belongs to.

We noticed across the front that they had flags representing all the states they'd had congregants from, so we sought out the Indiana flag and posed.

We hit up all the tourist shops and boardwalk one evening. Everyone decided to get Henna tattoos. (I passed, I have enough of the real things, ha). Even Grandma got in on the action! Monkey got a turtle, Lilli, a dolphin, Kayla chose a star, Grandma got a fancy dolphin!
Funny story, when you drive into A1A (the main drag through Daytona) you come up on the Pier and you can see the Ferris Wheel. Lilli saw it every day and really wanted to ride. So that night, I got on with all three kids. (the other grown ups were too scared). When we were done, I asked if anyone wanted to ride the TiltAWhirl. Monkey and Kayla said yes. So off we went. Conner said he wasn't scared because he'd been on the one at Holiday World before. Kayla was too big to ride with us, so she had her own cart. It only took two rotations before all the color drained from Monkey's face. I asked if he was ok, he didn't answer. I asked, jokingly, if he was going to puke. Huuurrgghh! Whoa, poor guy started dry-heaving.He continued to dry- heave while I screamed for the guy to stop the ride. I felt bad for laughing (and retelling the story over and over) but it really was funny. He and Lilli decided on a nice little hang glider ride that didn't go too fast.

On a trip to New Mexico, my sister brought this dress back for Bug. My mom really wanted some cute pictures of her in it, so I thought this would be a good setting. I was also able to get some good ones of my mom and Miss Bug together.

The only picture I have of Monkey by himself. He was not having any part of the camera interfering with his swimming time. He made that very clear.

Myself, my mom and my sister.

Miss Bug, became quite the swimmer during this trip. Deciding on the last day that she was going to start swimming underwater.

Conner was pretty bummed that his 'mean ol sister' got to ride on the airplane and he didn't, we decided to spring for a last minute ticket for him to fly home. He was pretty excited and slept most of the way home. Miss Bug fell asleep at the Orlando airport like this. I think we all felt this way, just ready to be home.


  1. "He was not having any part of the camera interfering with his swimming time. He made that very clear."

    Like father like son!

  2. Great Pictures! I especially love the one of Grandma looking over her shoulder after the tattoo. The church was pretty interesting too, have you ever seen that before?


  3. can't help but smile while looking at our adventures at the beach. Glad you are so talented with the camera.