Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Monkey!

I may not stay on top of this blog as regularly as I should, but I try to never miss a birthday post. Today at just after 12:30 pm, my Monkey will officially be 6 yrs old. (hang on while I process this info...)

His 5th year was a pretty good (and busy) one.
We started his 5th year with a fun monkey-themed party complete with the Bubble Bus.
birthday portrait


On my birthday I took the kids to watch a taping of The Pumphry Brothers!

Then it was the first day of Kindergarten!
First day of school outside the building

Then we went with my family to the Giants of Faith celebration to honor my Grandma.

The kids and their Opa (my dad)
walking with Opa

I won tickets to Disney on Ice through a fabulous friends blog, so the kids, my sister and I hustled up to Cincy and saw the show and my friend!

The Grandparent's Day Program for Monkey's School:

In September, we celebrated Miss Bug turning 3!
Conner in the bouncy house

end of the night. obviously

October brought a field trip to Huber's with Monkeys kindergarten class, while there, we bought stuff to make candy apples.

Then we had the big trauma of the year. Monkey fell off the monkey bars (isn't it ironic, don't ya think) and broke his arm.

Halloween! Conner was White Fang (whose arm was caught in a trap) Lilli was a Candy Corn Princess.

Then my sister graduated with her RN!

In November, we met my friend Christina for some pictures in the beautiful fall!

Gingerbread Party!

Christmas Tree Farm!


(don't ask)

Conner Monkey

Conner and Lilli in the snow

My Monkey and my Bug

I can hardly believe that my little Monkey is 6 years old. I remember the minute he appeared, little did I know how much joy and love he was going to bring to me and everyone he meets.

I love you Monkey, no matter what, you're something I know I did right, and will never, ever regret.


  1. What a freaking clever halloween costume!! Congrats on feeling old - I know you didnt say it but i hear it from every mother ;)