Monday, July 26, 2010

Yard Work

One of the things that drew us to our house originally was the yard and landscape work. Of course, there was a lot of work to do (and we still have to do), the house was vacant for a while before we bought it so there was a LOT of overgrowth.

We've done a lot of pulling, splitting, moving, re-planting. This year we moved our very small garden area to a back part of the yard. Adding more tomato plants, corn and eggplant. We'd also planted several cucumber plants, but none of them took this year, and my cauliflower seems to be a favorite snack among local, small, woodland creatures.

Monkey planted his own tomato plants this year, big, juicy, slicing tomatoes. Perfect for BLTs. Miss Bug opted for flowers, planting zinnias and cockscomb flowers.

A has cultivated and nursed his Hosta bed back to life for a radiant showing this year. Another lovely discovery was how well petunias do in the back beds. The lavender was fragrant and colorful this year, and our wildflower bed is so colorful! and oh, my Lily's. They're just amazing. I've never been more in love with a flower!

A's Hosta Bed.


Bouquets from the garden


Wildflower Bed

Corn and other veggies

Bug's Zinnias!


  1. Come finish up our yard. I can't figure out what to plant where... so it just sits.

  2. Looks a tad bit different than I remember a few years back.
    See what chicken poop and hard work can do.