Thursday, August 5, 2010


This last weekend, I went down to the Southside of Nashville to visit my sweet friend, B. B is currently about 2 weeks away from her due date and I hadn't been down to her new house or met her husband (our friendship is a long, painful at times, but with a happy ending story), so I shuffled my shiz around and cleared the weekend.

I knew she was getting a little restless having been off of work for a while due to various (thankfully none too serious) complications. Plus, since she is about as adorable as adorable gets, I wanted to get some sweet pictures of her belly!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I made it down late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning if you'd rather) after an eventful drive. Pouring sideways rain, dying cell phone, getting pulled over (but just a warning!)

Even though it was around 2 am my time when I arrived, we managed to set around and catch up and bs for another hour or so. I was so happy I'd made the trip and totally regretted not making it before. Even though we'd had a rather long, painful hiatus, about a year ago, we'd managed to pick up almost as though we'd never left off. I kept wondering why it took me so long to get down there, and I think I was afraid of getting to close again. B and I are pretty different on a lot of levels like political views, and our family backgrounds, she keeps her house immaculate, really digs living way out in BFE (with small woodland creatures running rampant ;-). But I have always, always felt comfortable and myself around her. I'm never self-conscious or self-doubting, and I can and do tell her everything.

Since B is so close to her due date and 100 different ways of uncomfortable, we kept it pretty low key. Did some bead shopping, yarn shopping, pit stop for a super important fountain Dr. Pepper, more yarn shopping then dinner at one of the most amazing places ever. Then we went to a fabulous Mexican lunch, more shopping, pictures, a delicious dinner (while watching the season finale of The Bachelorette, wtf). My last day, we went for an amazing pedicure and then I was on my way back home. (boo)

As I mentioned, she lives outside of Nashville, and I miss her. I miss her a lot. There might be an opportunity that they get transferred back to Louisville, or they might have to go further away. Say a prayer for us will you? I need my friend closer. :-)

A (not so clear) picture from B's baby shower.

Wanna see some of her adorable maternity pictures?

I love ya B!

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