Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My monkey is a big first-grader this year. For the most part he likes school-or he should like school, he definitely likes learning, and discussing what he's learned. The problem comes in when it can't be on his schedule and the kid isn't easily dissuaded. He's not really one of those kids (or people for that matter) who you can just gloss over a subject or question with a 1 or 2 sentence statement. He wants a full report on the subject. Details, details, details.

We adored his kindergarten teacher and are excited about his teacher this year as well. We've been told that she is the 'guru of reading' at the school. This is thrilling to me given how much both A and I like to read. If Monkey begins to read and enjoys it even half as much as I do, I'll be happy.

The school system decided this year to begin the elementary schools an hour earlier (don't even get me started on the school system's most recent decisions...) A takes Monkey to school in the mornings on his way to work. I've never seen a kid more excited to leave in the morning, he just adores his dad, and I'm sure the fact that they stop in at HobbKnobb for chocolate milk sometimes helps a bit.

I'm amazed at how much he's reading and spelling all on his own. We have math or spelling homework every night, which blows me a way a little bit, and it takes some persuading to get done, but he really is doing really well.

I'm so proud of you Monkey!

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