Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Bugg!

Lilli made her entrance 4 years ago today. 4 full weeks early. My water broke at 4 in the morning and she was here at 12:26pm. 5 lbs even and just 18 inches long.
She's HERE!

Lillian 9.25-9.28 027.jpg

Lillian Eve Stockton Paris

They took her down to the nursery right away to check on her little lungs.

Lillian 9.25-9.28 036.jpg
Then bad news, she was having a hard time breathing so they brought her to me to say goodbye, then she and Mr A got to take a trip across the river to Kosair's.

She had to hang out in the NICU for a bit while she got some surfactant, bili light sunning, and grew a bit more. I spent most of my time during the day in the NICU waiting room and the pumping room.

Lillian 9.25-9.28 006.jpg

Lilli and mom

Since Mr. A spent a lot of nights sleeping in the NICU waiting room and was there early morning, he got to be there for her first feeding.
Dad and Lilli

On October 5th, we got to bring her home!
first meeting

Then, time started to fly and she turned 1!
Lilli's first birthday (4)

Then she had the nerve to turn 2!
bugs birthday.

Last year was 3. Wow.
The birthday girl and me!

Now all of the sudden she's 4. Holy cow. We've had a good year.

For Halloween she wanted to be a 'Candy Corn Princess'. So this is what we came up with.

My LilliBug in her Candy Corn Princess Halloween Costume

Pictures in the Park in November.

At the Christmas Tree Farm!


We played in the one big snowfall of the year.
Lilli throwing a snowball

Cheering on The Colts
Happy Easter

Modeling their blankets I made for them.

Happy Mother's Day.

Fun at the beach in Florida.

Today, she's 4. Happy Birthday Miss Bugg. You are one decision I know I will never regret, and I know I did right. I love you.

(check back for a happy birthday picture later today or tomorrow)


  1. What a beautiful girl! Happy fourth birthday!

    The very first picture of the post is precious.