Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conner's Challenge Swim!!

Hi guys! Conner is on the Riverside Aquatics Club swim team this year. They are coming up on their annual Challange Swim on Thursday, October 4. During this event each swimmer is challenged to swim just a little bit further than they have been. The funds they raised are used to pay not only for team wear, but also meets, equipment and the summer swimming program which RAC took over when the New Albany Floyd County Parks Department recently eliminated. This is an important undertaking as it serves mostly those kids who can't afford regular swim team fees. Check out the link below and if you feel like donating, Conner and the rest of the team would really appreciate it. :-)


  1. I had no arrangement on this first day. I figured I would simply get in the pool and swim a couple of laps. I felt like this first day would simply be a vibe out day. I had no clue about structure as a piece of the swim as I was persuaded the swim was about savage quality as alternate controls seem to be.professional swimming competition