Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's Do the Time Warp, FINAL Nail Challenge!

Whew, i had a fun time coming up with all these ideas, but I'm longing for some non-stressful mani's! lol The final theme was Let's Do the Time Warp Again, we got to choose another manicure entry from another participant and recreate it! Here is my inspiration: GelaNails
Here is my take!
The chalice is the symbol for the church I attend. The denomination is Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we're a pretty open-minded, welcoming (dare I say... Liberal!!!) church, and just recently at the state yearly meeting, the delegates decided to welcome Gays and Lesbians to be ordained in the church. Yeah!


  1. I like it! & I'd love to visit your church, it sounds like the kinda church I want to be a part of. My hubby is Catholic, but I was raised by non-denominational Christian missionaries, so I veer toward the more liberal side.